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Overview of Property Management Services


§      Consultation with the ownership entity to prioritize goals.

§      Liaison between the ownership and property residents.

§      Personnel staffing – based on the objectives of the ownership entity.  Administration of personnel to included hiring, firing, supervision, and payroll tax reporting, if desired by client.

Leasing Services 

§      Leasing agent to show apartments to all prospective residents.

§      Credit, criminal, employment, and residential verifications are performed on all applications for apartments.

§      Tenant selection, lease negotiation, and lease signing for all residential space.

§      Move-in and Move-out inspection reports.

§      Retention of all leases and rental applications.

§      Assist in coordination of marketing efforts.

§      Security deposit collection and refunds.

§      Specially designed lease form including H.U.D., Drug Free Housing Addendum, and Lead Paint Disclosures.

§      Preparation of a welcome packet for new residents, which includes rules and regulations, operating instructions for appliances/equipment in each unit, and emergency contact information.

Maintenance Services

§     Supervision of necessary personnel for the maintenance of each property.

§     All maintenance is performed on a work order system.

 §     Secure bids, negotiate contracts and implement all work to be performed by outside contractors.

 §     Maintain a 24-hour emergency answering service for after hours emergencies.

 §     Supervise all routine and non-routine maintenance.

 §     Conduct routine inspections of all common areas, and unoccupied apartments.

Financial Management

§      Collection of all rental income and security deposits using all legal means to enforce payment.  Delinquency notices are sent out monthly.  Property managers personally call delinquent renters when feasible.  After a delinquency of two months rent, tenants’ accounts will be referred to an attorney for an appropriate lawsuit (unlawful detainer, rent and possession, etc.)

§      Operating funds and security deposit funds are held in separate escrow accounts in compliance with Missouri Real Estate Law.

§      Disbursement of all authorized payables.

§      Assist clients on insurance and risk management needs.

§      Monthly financial reporting is distributed to owners detailing all operating receipts and disbursements.  Detailed rent roll and delinquency reports are submitted monthly.

§      All original invoices are returned to clients for record retention. All invoices are organized and attached to monthly disbursement statements.

§      Sophisticated property management and accounting software system is located in our central office.  The system integrates all property management, accounts payable and general ledger data. 

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